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Introducing TORQ Energy Organic... | TORQ USA
Introducing TORQ Energy Organic, an elite fuel for endurance athletes which is 100% organic, 100% flavorless, and 100% kickass. Perfect for those looking to incorporate added carbohydrate intake throughout the day, or even for those who need fuel for longer efforts, but prefer the taste of water.
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Introducing TORQ Energy Organic…

EnergyOrganic Sack Tub

TORQ Energy Organic available in 500g Tubs (15 servings) and 1.5kg EcoSacks (45 servings)

TORQ’s pure ORGANIC unadulterated glucose polymer is light on the stomach and practically tasteless.

Derived from an organic maize source, TORQ Energy Organic can be mixed into a flavorless energy drink, or can be added to food to boost its carbohydrate content during periods of heavy training.

  • Complex carbohydrate energy drink
  • Soil Association Certified Organic (UK5)
  • Neutral (flavorless)
  • Can be added to food
  • No colors, flavors, artificial sweeteners or preservatives
  • Ideal for people who like to drink water whilst exercising, but want to benefit from carbohydrate fueling!


TORQ Energy Organic is made from maltodextrin, often referred to as a glucose polymer. A glucose polymer’s molecular profile optimizes the long-term energy providing properties of complex carbohydrates without the need to consume bulky starch-rich foods. These bulky foods take a longer time to digest because they contain fiber, an important, but metabolically useless nutrient. They also fill and bloat your stomach making movement and sport in particular more difficult. TORQ Energy Organic, when diluted with the correct amount of water, delivers a sustained supply of glucose to the working muscle. 

This product can also be added to food to boost its carbohydrate content. 4 level scoops of TORQ Energy Organic mixed into a cup of soup will be barely noticeable, yet it will have increased its carbohydrate content to that of a large bowl of pasta! This makes TORQ Energy Organic ideal for carbohydrate loading or aiding recovery between heavy bouts of exercise. This is why this product features as a very important component in the TORQ Recovery System too!


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