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Fueling for Cooler Weather - 2016 Chain Buster Taco Stand Classic | TORQ USA
How to plan nutrition for cool weather.
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Fueling for Cooler Weather – 2016 Chain Buster Taco Stand Classic

Fueling for Cooler Weather – 2016 Chain Buster Taco Stand Classic

TORQ is a proud sponsor of the 2016 Chain Buster Racing Series.
Lets kick-start the season with some tips for fueling during cooler conditions… 

Taco Stand classic picWhat to eat and drink: Knowing how much food and hydration you should carry can be tricky, but let’s break it down for you – your body can go at ‘race pace’ for about 1.5-2hrs on stored glycogen in your liver and muscles. Due to its quick conversion into usable energy, glycogen, not fat, is what your body ‘burns’ when pushing at higher intensities. Once you are out of glycogen, you BONK. Period. And that sucks. Carbohydrate intake during exercise is critical for providing your body with readily accessible energy which is fast, and easy to digest.

It’s cool outside…Snow tracks

In cooler weather, over consumption of fluids will fill your bladder and your exercise will be interrupted or…uncomfortable. Keep it simple – if you aren’t undergoing heavy perspiration, your body doesn’t need all those fluids or electrolytes. Drink less and gain nutrition through more concentrated fuel sources – bars and gels – for optimal performance.  With TORQ gels, all 5 core electrolytes are still replenished, albeit at lower concentrations than our TORQ energy drink, perfect for cooler conditions.

TORQ has simplified how to approach your planning for training and race nutrition. Check out the full details on our TORQ Fueling System– an easy planning tool and rules to properly plan your nutrition based on intensity and environment.

Here’s what you can plan on packing for race day:

3hr enduro racers:

  • Plan for at least 90g of carbohydrate consumption during 3hr race
  • Recommended:
    • 1x 500ml (16oz) bottle of energy drink mix (TORQ energy drink mix), AND
    • 2 Torq gels (30g per gel pack, vs 21 typically in other products), OR
    • 2 Torq bars (again, 30g per bar, vs 21 typical in other products)
  • Use: Make sure you have enough carbohydrate packed (>=90g) across your nutrition (fluids, bars, gels, etc). Plan on sipping your 500ml drink mix bottle throughout. Plan on taking a gel starting ~45 mins into race. Re-gel or bar around 1:45 to 2hr mark. This is a good base nutrition to support 3hrs of race pace.

3 hr race fueling

6hr enduro racers:

  • Same principals as 3hr racers, but further nutrition is needed to sustain performance longer
  • You have roughly 4 hrs of additional ‘energy’ to plan above where your internal glycogen stores will take you at race/enduro pace. Plan for 60g carbs per hour, starting at ~45min mark.
  • Recommended:
    • 3 bottles of TORQ energy (500ml/16oz, 30g carbs each) to be used throughout the race.
    • Total carbs from bars and gels: (150g)
      • Consume 1 TORQ gel (30g), or 1 TORQ bar (30g), every 45 minutes starting at ~45m into race (equal to combination of 5 bars/gels)
      • Note: other products have lower carbohydrate levels – be sure to double check the carb grams to ensure you are consuming enough across each hour


Remember the TORQ moto “Eat today for tomorrow”. Leading up to a competition, you should be tapering your training (doing less training) and continuing to eat foods rich in carbohydrate with moderate protein intake, and avoiding fats where possible.

On the day of competition, the most important rule is to keep fat intake low and only to use high glycemic index (GI) carbohydrates during exercise. Breakfast should be wide-ranging in carbohydrate, so breakfast cereal is a good choice, or something like jam on toast without butter on the bread (my personal favorite is sliced banana, with spicy jelly, on toasted everything bagel…try it).

For both racers, be sure to have your nutrition laid out at your station for easy pitting (as needed). Visit the TORQ booth to trial TORQ energy, and to sample bars and gels to find your favorite flavors!

Come see us at the Taco Stand Classic – this will be one hell of a kick off to the 2016 season! Be sure to use your Chain Buster Racers discount at for 20% off all orders. If you pre-purchase, we will bring your products to the race for pickup (avoid shipping, get your 20%!!!).

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