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#TORQFueled 303Project leading the way with TORQ Nutrition to fuel their racing advantage
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TORQ – The Racers Choice…

TORQ is proud to support The 303Project Cycling Team this 2017 season, helping to fuel them to top-level success as they connect people with cycling, and the positive impact bicycles have in our communities…

After very successful racing at the UCI Joe Martin Stage Race in March, and the ever epic Boulder Roubaix in April, Taylor Warren of 303Project lent his insight into his preference for nutrition in the race scene…

Racing is, in a word, chaotic.  Racing is streams of colors flying by in both directions, sensory overload as the smell of burning carbon wafts through the air, the squeal of brakes screeching all around you. In racing, there is very little consistency. However, I can always rely on the nutrition in my pocket. Torq nutrition has been hands down the best addition to my arsenal of energy in all my years racing.

The drink mix is subtle, yet highly effective, the bars and chews go down easy. My top two favorite though are the gels and recovery mix.


The gels are absolutely delicious, with flavors like rhubarb custard it’s highly tempting to squeeze one down for dessert even off the bike. The banoffee gel flavor is bonkers, and with the caffeine additive (natural guarana), it’ll not only help me get to the break but keep me in fighting contention as well.


Getting to the recovery mix, this product is top notch. Not only is the nutrition spot on for priming my legs for the next stage, the flavor is out of control! My personal favorite flavor is cookies and cream – it’s very akin to a milkshake. The powder mixes exceptionally well with just water, so it’s quick and simple; just what you need after the finish of a hectic stage.

After using Torq Performance Nutrition throughout the UCI Joe Martin Stage Race, I can say with confidence that the 303 Project is using the best nutrition in the peloton! With Torq in the bottles and pockets, bring on the next race!

Written by Taylor Warren –  #Unbonkable


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