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Why Should I Fuel? For Performance... | TORQ USA
TORQ explains the importance, and necessity of fueling to achieve performance for the endurance athlete. Nutrition planning and details on macro and micro nutrients will be explored.
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Why Should I Fuel? For Performance…

A little while ago we published the following article where we used animations of a cyclist consuming differing levels of carbohydrate per hour to help illustrate how taking on board calories during exercise helps to spare endogenous (stored) carbohydrate and enhance performance: Why Should I Fuel?

Since then, we have produced the following video to convey the concepts detailed in this original article clearly and simply, only this time, for the sake of equality, we’ve used a runner instead of a cyclist! The concept of fueling (taking on board energy products) whilst exercising is often misunderstood, so hopefully we’ve made it crystal clear.

If you found this video interesting, please take the time to share it with your friends. The TORQ Fueling System and TORQ Recovery System videos mentioned at the end of this short film can be viewed from clicking on the interactive videos embedded in each of the above links.

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