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ChainBuster SEC#1 Green Gobbler - Recon & Planning | TORQ USA
Chain Buster Racing Green Gobbler Mountain Bike Race Course Recon & Nutrition by TORQ
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ChainBuster SEC#1 Green Gobbler – Recon & Planning

Race Day Preview – Once again, The Green Gobbler kicks off the season; however, sunny and cold last year will look to be a bit warmer this year, with potential for a few drops as the 6hr concludes…nothing like a little extra grit to finish an endurance race!

Easily one of our favorite courses of the year, the iconic wooded-side race course will no doubt offer lots of space to lay down the hammer, make some passes, and still throw some fast technical sections and solid climbs to challenge every racer. 

If you haven’t registered yet…shame on you. Simply click here

The TORQ team will be there supplying Race Hydration (TORQ Energy at Transition area), as well as some friendly competition out on the course. Be sure to stop by the tent to load up on all your nutrition, where all sales come with a 20% ChainBuster discount! How ’bout ‘dem apples!

Check out our course preview below, followed by our nutrition planning recommendation for race day, including WHAT TO EAT, and WHAT NOT EAT the night and morning before race!


A nice sweeping, highly visible single track speed section which is common throughout the entire course.

Planning the Course:


Course: known as the dirt, or ‘Wood’ loop, this is a modified 8.5 mile course which has been rebuilt to offer excellent flow, nice wood bridges, and some punchy climbs to challenge your legs and technical merit. 

Lap Times: circa 45mins

Lap Count: 3hr  category winners may achieve 4 laps, although a 5 lap count is achievable. 6hr Endurance winners will be hard pressed to hit the 8/9 lap count, where 10 would be a true feat.  2-man teams, make 10 laps for the win!

Elevation: ~1000ft total ascent. Flowing front, challenging back section with some back-to-back climbs which will get your legs and lungs hot.


Updated Race course

 ‘Wood’ Loop

This is a well-manicured fast, flowing, and an all-out FUN pine-forest sprint. Some pine straw and sandy turns will keep your attention, but you should be swift throughout. Climbs are both single track and open, so be patient on passing as you should have many opportunities to take spots (use etiquette!)


SORBA did a brilliant job with boardwalks and grippy turns


(Above) You drop in quick from the top of the picture here (single track), and make this a whipping right-hander off the board walk


(Above) Good climb on back end of Wood loop. Soft and mostly ‘wet’ grass will make make this a little exhausting. A good area to make a pass or two.


Some excellent trail maintenance affords some fast banked turns into flowy sections. Keep pace up.

(above) Some excellent trail maintenance affords some fast banked turns into flowy sections. Big-ring time!


The race course actually provides very good areas for fueling and hydration throughout. The start/finish serves as an excellent time to take on a gel for each  lap. It is a good idea to have your individual bottles and gels ready for a quick and easy pitstop for each lap – this will help to ensure you are not carrying excess weight on the bike, and also keep you regimental in your fueling (~1/2 to 1 full 16oz bottle and 1 gel per lap, depending on pace and conditioning of rider).


Proper spot to fuel (gel) each lap. There is a good flat area which will allow you to keep cadence and posture under control and refuel.


Speed in the front half and technical climbs in the back half will keep your Heart Rate in your higher zones where CHO combustion is your body’s preferred fuel source.  CHO intake levels during race at 60g/hr, or up to 90g/hr with TORQ products, will allow you to work harder, and maintain the intensity for longer.  Pace modulation will ultimately determine your true fueling and hydration requirements, but the simple illustration below depicts the performance impacts from both improper hydration and fueling across an endurance session:


At just 5% bodily reduction in fluid (dehydration), you lose 30% in performance! This is about when you ‘feel’ thirsty…

A simple graphic to show the benefits of proper fueling (CHO) and hydration (w/ electrolytes), this is seen by the orange line. Fueling alone with glucose (grey) or relying on water (blue line) will start to suffer your glycogen stores and respective performance.


Nutrition Planning:

Simply put – do not forget to hydrate, even in 55F and damp conditions! Our Torq Fueling System makes planning nutrition by environment easy, and we do recommend still working to complete 500ml (0r ~16oz) of hydration and carbohdyrate solution per hour, along with a supplementary fuel source (like a gel, chew, or bar) atop every hour. 

Lets make this REALLY SIMPLE.

  • Every lap you should plan to nearly complete a 16oz bottle of TORQ Energy
  • As you enter the infield area at the conclusion of each lap, plan to hit a gel and complete it by the time you pass the TORQ tent. Throw us your litter!
  • For those who will enter transition and let a partner suffer for the next lap, be sure to drink WATER, stop drinking your sports solution until you are on your bike ready to go again.
    • For a snack in between laps, bananas make a great go-to, as do TORQ bars and chews as they will not rapidly raise your blood sugar (like gels and solutions do).
    • AVOID fats and proteins at all times during racing or in between laps. Sorry folks, this does include Peanut Butter… 
  • What TO EAT, and what NOT to EAT (pre-race, and during race…)


A Note for those who love to drop little tablets in their bladders: For those who utilize electrolyte tablets, be cautious of how you use them and understand this is only the hydration piece to the puzzle, and not a combined hydration+fueling intake recommended for intense sessions. Give our Torq Article onWhat you need to know about electrolyte tabletsa read.  If you experience cramping during your rides in hotter weather, come visit us at the Torq tent pre-race to discuss further and look at some better options. electrolyte_tablets_02_96artthumb

The above is our recommendation for general fueling based on the course and anticipated race-pace for the Green Gobbler. Be sure to stop by the TORQ tent race morning to discuss what options may be best for you on this epic ride. And don’t forget to come taste our assortment of bars, gels, and fueling drinks! Recovery shakes (and samples) will also be available post race.


Post Race:

 You have put your body through a lot, stressed your muscles and fought a tough mental battle. It is most important to provide your body with the protein, carbohydrate, amino acids, and vitamins it needs within 15 minutes after completion. Come see the TORQ tent to sample our lineup of TORQ Recovery shakes, where we will pour to order to get you back up and ready for your Sunday ride in the sun. 


Also, we will be debuting a limited production run of our Cold-Pressed TORQ Recovery Bar at the Green Gobbler. Be sure to stop by and grab a few – perfect recovery options to keep in your car, or kit-bag, for convenient and high quality nutrition post exercise. 

As at all Chain Buster Race events, TORQ will be offering 20% off all products (including online with Code ‘CBR2018‘). Be sure to sample all of our products including TORQ bars, gels, energy drinks, and recovery shakes, as well as talk about the race and how to understand, meet, and plan your endurance nutrition needs. 


-TORQ Team

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