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Winter Turbo Training - Hydrating for Performance with TORQ Performance Hydration
TORQ explains the benefits of facilitated transport vs passive transport for performance hydration.
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Winter Turbo Training

It is easy to neglect hydration over the winter months, because the assumption is that lower temperatures equals lower perspiration rates.


However, most of you will have experienced high sweat loss during indoor Turbo training sessions and this leads to dehydration and ultimately impaired performance/recovery.  You want to be competitive out on the road/trail, as well as on your smart trainer in your basement? Well, fuel for it!


TORQ Hypotonic contains a small quantity of carbohydrate, which – although insufficient for longer efforts >1hr – combined with 5 key electrolytes, boosts the hydration process significantly. The technical term for this is ‘Facilitated Transport’.  We simply call it Performance Hydration

Our video below will show how and why glucose and sodium work together to significantly facilitate the hydration process – something that neither plain water or carbohydrate-free electrolyte tablets are able to offer.

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