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TORQ Performance Nutrition is a range of highly advanced nutrition products designed specifically with the endurance athlete in mind.
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About TORQ


TORQ USA is carrying forward the philosophies of TORQ’s origins developed and rooted in the United Kingdom, now here to support endurance athletes across the States with superior, natural nutrition advancing the competitive level of our athletes. We have developed our range of performance nutrition products with the utmost goal to provide the highest standard of support to the athletes we work with. 

Our products deliver everything you need to get you through all your training and race events, providing the most comprehensive fueling and recovery products on the market today. Our portfolio has been developed to deliver sustained energy for before, during and after activity.


Every ingredient we use is included to the levels recommended by available research. We do not cut corners and we do not accept compromise. We don’t just stock our own products though; we will get behind and support any product we believe to be of benefit to the endurance athlete.


We have uncompromising standards, yet we also have a conscience. We absolutely refuse to use ingredients that are not derived from a NATURAL source, or don’t naturally occur within the human body. We are firmly of the opinion that artificial ingredients like sweeteners offer no performance advantage and can cause stomach discomfort potentially harming your health long term. We see no point in including them. Advanced compounds like D-Ribose, HMB and L-Glutamine naturally occur within the human body and represent some of the most potent supplements available on the market today, so why would we want to use anything artificial? Every ingredient we use is included to the levels recommended by available research. We do not cut corners and do not accept compromise.

TORQ’s Anti-Doping Policy

TORQ has a very strict Anti-Doping stance and we guarantee the purity of our products. As you begin to understand our philosophies, you will learn that we always source the most natural of ingredients and have made it our mission to produce the finest, most technologically advanced Sports Nutrition range in the world without resorting to the use of artificial/chemical additives. We can think of no artificial ingredient capable of enhancing sporting performance that isn’t listed on the WADF banned substances list. In fact, we are firmly of the conviction that artificial/chemical substances like sweeteners, colors and artificial flavors are likely to oppose successful sporting performance, which gives all the more reason to steer well clear of them.

Naturally superior performance nutrition. This is TORQ.