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TORQ Gels | The optimal performance endurance nutrition
The optimal & fastest endurance nutrition fuel source, TORQ gels are easy to consume, digest, and do not require water to 'activate'. Simply delicious!
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TORQ gels


  • 2:1 Multiple Transportable Carbohydrates
  • All gels contain all 5 core electrolytes
  • All natural & simply delicious flavors!
  • ‘Flowy’ texture – no water needed to chase!
  • Dairy free, wheat free, and suitable for vegans
  • Naturally caffeinated option (banoffee)


Designed to be consumed without water – all gel flavors are clean, easy-to-consume, and especially tasty! You simply won’t believe it…

  • Strawberry Yogurt
  • Rhubarb & Custard
  • Raspberry Ripple
  • NEW! Orange & Banana (‘Push-Pop’)
  • Banoffee (w/ guarana)


  • Box of 15  – $29.99
  • Box of 15 (caffeinated)  – $33.75
  • Variety Box of 20 (5 flavs) – $42.50

Mixed Flavor Boxes Available

Mixed Flavor Boxes Available

TORQ Gels are now available in mixed boxes of 15 (3 of each flavor). Only available at the Official TORQ Online Store

TORQ Gel - Box of 15

TORQ Gel - Box of 15

2:1 Maltodextrin:Fructose

Maltodextrin used in isolation has been proven to be considerably more effective than glucose used in isolation because of its lower osmolality in the gut. However, recent research has compared traditional ‘maltodextrin only’ formulations with a 2:1 maltodextrin:fructose blend and the results show that the 2:1 blend gives 40% greater carbohydrate delivery.


The reason a 2:1 maltodextrin:fructose formulation works so well is actually rather simple, but it has been overlooked by research scientists until recently. This is because fructose (fruit sugar) has always been deemed slow and ineffective because of its low glycemic index. Glucose, on the other hand, was the preferred sugar for use in sports drinks until maltodextrin (a polymer containing many glucose molecules) was discovered.


Maltodextrin is the best carbohydrate to use in isolation, but what happens if you mix maltodextrin with fructose? Basically, unlike maltodextrin and glucose, which compete with each other for absorption, maltodextrin and fructose are absorbed in parallel, so you get the ultra-fast energy supply from maltodextrin, plus the slower energy release from fructose. In total, there’s a 40% greater delivery of carbohydrate to the working muscle. The peer-reviewed research studies* are two of an increasing number of well controlled investigations that have demonstrated these findings.

Gel in the TORQ Fueling System

Check out our sweet videos on our easy to follow TORQ Fueling System

Fantastic Taste Using Natural Flavors

The flavors of these TORQ gels are sensational (please let us know if you disagree!) without the need to resort to using dairy and using natural extracts,

Light Texture

The texture of the TORQ gel is light and syrupy. It doesn’t stick to your mouth and you don’t need water to wash it down. TORQ has deliberately designed this gel to be easy to consume when you are on the move.

No Artificial Sweeteners

TORQ gels don’t contain artificial sweeteners like Aspartame, Acsulfame-K, Saccharine and Sucralose. 

No Banned Substances

TORQ gels are random-tested for the presence of substances listed on the WADA ‘banned’ list by an independent laboratory under ISO17025.

Nutrition Facts

Strawberry Yogurt Gel

Rhubarb & Custard Gel

Raspberry Ripple

Banoffee gel (w/guarana)

Sexy Close-Ups

Strawberry Yogurt

Strawberry Yogurt Box of 15

Rhubarb & Custard

Rhubarb & Custard Box of 15

Raspberry Ripple

Raspberry Ripple Box of 15

Banoffee (w/ guarana)

Banoffee Box of 15