TORQ Bar Evolution

TORQ Bar Evolution

Oct 11th 2019

TORQ Organic Bars

On 12th June 2003 TORQ launched its first ever performance product, the TORQ Bar and over the years, the packaging has changed and so has the size, but 2019 sees its first substantial evolution in 16 years.

We made the decision at TORQ that all of our bars should be certified organic. The benefits are simply clear - premium ingredients make for a better tasting, softer, and overall more pallet pleasing bar. 

As you can see, we have also evolved our Sundried Banana TORQ Bar, making it softer and more moist, reworking it into a Soil Association certified organic product. Using organic ingredients improves the flavor of any food and we’re really happy with the results – we’re sure you will too.

TORQ Organic Bar

Sadly we will be saying goodbye to the Tangy Apricot TORQ Bar after 16 years in production. Organic apricots unfortunately didn’t have the ‘tang’ that we needed and although we produced an evolved version, it wasn’t anywhere close to our brand new Organic Zesty Orange formulation when it came to flavor. We therefore decided to move on and swap Tangy Apricot for Zesty Orange and we’re pretty sure that if you were an apricot fan before, you’ll be an orange fan moving forwards.

TORQ Organic

And then we have the new Zingy Apple TORQ Bar. The organic apple is so flavorsome that we just couldn’t bring ourselves to cover up any of the flavor with raspberry, so it’s out with the Raspberry and Apple and in with the Organic Zingy Apple. Controversial with all you Raspberry & Apple TORQ Bar lovers we’re sure, but if you liked that bar, you’ll love this one.

TORQ Organic Bar

Please bear with us as our original bars sell through and are replaced with the new organic bars. At the time of publishing this article, you can still purchase the original TORQ Bar's while supplies last. For more information on our new Organic bars, click on your flavor choice below, and don't forget you can order variety boxes of all three flavors! 

TORQ Assured

You can purchase TORQ with confidence. Many of our products have organic certification or are fairly traded. Please refer to product packaging for further details