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#TORQfueled Bollesen Bros Racing

#TORQfueled Bollesen Bros Racing

Nov 30th 2018

#TORQfueled Bollesen Bros Racing recently kicked off their snocross racing season in style – compliments on the wrap boys! Max & Keigan Bollesen compete in the ISOC National and Regional race series, backed by year long training on the mountain bike – the perfect complimentary sport to build quick-movement muscular and aerobic endurance to handle the sled. The brothers’ hard training is backed by TORQ’s fueling and recovery products, where the absence of any artificial sweeteners and ingredients was key to motivating their performance drive. Russ Bollesen provided some great feedback on the team's training:

Why is endurance cross training so important for Snocross ?

  • “In snocross the races might be short, but the need for endurance and energy are important. By building endurance through mountain biking we can be stronger on our snowmobiles and be able to compete throughout the day.”

What disciplines do the Bollesen Bros Racing team focus their cross-training?

  • “Mountain biking is a big part of our training from spring through the fall. During this time, we rely on Torq to replenish when we need it to push through a long ride or a race. We also play lacrosse which is an intense sport and requires a lot of quick movement along with endurance.”

Go-to seasonal sports?

  • “Mountain biking, lacrosse, dirt biking and snocross.”

Why TORQ for your team's performance nutrition? 

  • “After learning more about how Torq is made with natural ingredients and there are no artificial sweeteners, we knew it was a better alternative than other products out there. Torq also offers energy options along with recovery products. This is important as some of our racing days are long and we need to keep up our energy and endurance through the day.“

Thanks for the feedback guys! Looking forward to many more tail-whips to come, both on the sled, and mtb!

#TORQfueled Bollesen Bros.

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