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The TORQ Fueling portfolio of energy drink mix, energy gels, energy bars, and energy chews, delivers optimal fueling & hydration no matter the endurance pursuit ahead of you. Best yet, our flavors and textures are simply unrivaled. We make the best tasting energy products on the market!

Beyond great products, we have tailored a system for endurance athletes to ensure optimal fueling, while maintaining GI comfort. Our guidelines are simple. Take 2-3 TORQ units per hour. 1 TORQ unit equals 30g of multiple-transportable carbohydrate and we have made consuming your TORQ units extremely easy by creating uniformity across the fueling portfolio.


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    Complete Fueling Package

    TORQ Starter Kit - Complete Sampling

    $46.99 of TORQ Nutrition (& Custom Purist Bottle) for $31.99! The TORQ Complete Starter Package is a great way to be introduced to the TORQ Fueling System - the easiest way to optimally fuel your performance, keeping your stomach in check during...

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  • TORQ Energy Chew - Organic Pineapple 15ct Box TORQ Energy Chew - Organic Pineapple 15ct Box

    TORQ Energy Chew - Organic Pineapple 15ct Box

    Our TORQ Chews are presented in boxes of 15, so we've created the facility for you to purchase a 2nd box at a discount of 20% giving you a total of 30 chews. Select your combination of boxes from the drop down list. Cold-pressed organic energy chews,...

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