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TORQ Starter Fueling & Recovery Kits are assembled to introduce you into our nutrition portfolios, sampling across our amazing flavors, and most importantly, allowing you to sufficiently put to test our simple TORQ Fueling System to optimize your performance. 

TORQ Pro Packages take it to the next level, designed for athletes to more economically outfit their training and race nutrition needs. All Pro kits come with 45hrs of total nutrition following our TORQ Fueling & Recovery Systems.  

TEAM PRODUCTS are products which are close to, or recently past the TORQ Best-Before-Date (BBD). This does NOT mean the product is expired (our TORQ TEAM riders use these same products for their training and racing), and are perfectly suitable for fueling and recovery nutrition.  These products will appear only when select quantities are available, and will look like regular products below to be added to your cart. You will see a 'BBD' at the end of the product description. Snag supplies while they last, or before we bring the stock to our own races! Simply put, just some killer savings! 

  • TORQ Starter Kit - Complete Sampling

    $62 of TORQ Nutrition for $34.50! The TORQ Fueling Kit is a great way to be introduced to the TORQ Fueling and Recovery Systems - the easiest way to optimally fuel your performance, while not exceeding your GI distress limits.  At TORQ, we are...

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  • TORQ Energy Drink Mix + Gel Box Bundle

    TORQ Energy Drink Mix + Gel Box Bundle

    Fuel your suffering the clean, natural, and easy way... Make planning your training and racing nutrition easier - bundle your TORQ Energy carbohydrate + electrolyte drink mix with our tasty TORQ Gels. Both are equipped with 30g of 2:1...

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  • TORQ Pro Package

    Reach your true potential... We have packaged together 45hrs of proper fueling, hydration, and recovery nutrition to push yourself beyond the next level. Simply follow our TORQ Fueling System, and you'll be able to push harder, longer. Period...

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