Explore Adventure Bars


Our wholesome Explore flapjacks are designed to help fuel you for your next adventure, from hiking to backcountry skiing, it has you covered. Clean, functional food with tremendous flavor from real, organic ingredients!

    • Balanced carbohydrates, good fats, and proteins to fuel your adventure
    • Always moist & chewy, without being sticky
    • Delicious Flavors only TORQ can deliver!
    • Organic Certified: better taste, better for our environment
    • Suitable For Vegans


TORQ is renowned for producing highly functional energy products and our Explore flapjacks certainly have the signature of TORQ engrained within them. They are packed with useful carbohydrate (43g per 65g bar) to help fuel performance and facilitate recovery, delivered not only from the organic oats, fruit, molasses and syrup, but also from organic maltodextrin - a low osmolality complex carbohydrate glucose polymer with superior delivery properties. Organically pure, highly functional, and delightfully delicious.