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TORQ Chews

The best tasting, organic energy chew

TORQ Chew - Currently Out of Stock

torq-chew-image-flavours.jpgTORQ Chews have the texture and flavor of a chewy candy, yet the formulation is certified 100% Organic by the British Soil Association, so as ever, nutritional purity is at the top of the TORQ agenda. TORQ Chews are deliberately chewy, because we believe that the key to successful fueling is all about variety across products, as well as taste. 

Cold-pressed from just 4 Soil Association Certified Organic ingredients. These raw ingredients are cold-pressed together to form the TORQ Chew without the need to cook or bake. This innovative product could not be more natural and easy to digest for an athlete. 

Simple to eat and carry: Some things just tick you off…for us, it’s making a mess while on the bike or on a run. The TORQ Chew is packaged in a way which makes it extremely easy to either consume the whole unit, half it, or even consume smaller bites. All of this while being able to neatly re-wrap the Chew and stick back in your kit (wherever that may be…). The real difficulty comes with simply not trying to eat it all in one swoop…good luck with that, it’s too damn tasty. 


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