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TORQ has a range of sports bottles to suit your needs. All of our bottles are wide-mouthed with screw tops, are dishwasher safe and are BPA-free. Our standard drinks bottles are available in 500ml and 750ml sizes and sport the distinctive black and orange TORQ coloring, so there would be no doubt in anyone's mind who your favorite energy product supplier is!

  • TORQ Purist 22oz Bottle TORQ Purist 22oz Bottle

    TORQ Purist 22oz Bottle

    NEW Black Edition TORQ Purist Bottle!  TORQ has worked with Specialized on this unique bottle, with TORQ Unit measurement lines on the sides to ensure you are properly mixing your TORQ Energy solution to Isotonic levels! This bottle is transparent,...

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  • TORQ Recovery Mixer TORQ Recovery Mixer

    TORQ Recovery Mixer

    Our Recovery Mixer Bottle is an essential piece of kit for mixing your recovery drink. You will only have to purchase this once and it will aerate and mix your recovery formula effortlessly into a delightful smoothie… This bottle also features a...

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