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SHOP Performance Hydration


TORQ Hydration (formerly TORQ Hypotonic) is an advanced hypotonic solution created to prioritize optimal fluid and electrolyte delivery over any other factor. TORQ Hydration delivers a light, crisp, and clean natural flavor profile, while providing the fluids, electrolytes, and a small amount of fueling to the athlete with no gastric distress.   

  • Hypotonic Solution for optimized hydration via facilitated transport (see video below)
  • Multiple Transportable Carbohydrates for light fueling
  • Contains ideal amounts of 5 key electrolytes
  • Part of the TORQ Fueling system
  • Superior to electrolyte tablets
  • Suitable for Vegans

Watch how TORQ Hydration leverages carbohydrate facilitated transport to increase fluid & electrolyte delivery