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SHOP Performance Hydration


 A hypotonic solution represents the fastest possible way to hydrate and deliver electrolytes to the muscles: In situations where perspiration rates are extremely high over short periods of exercise (up to 60 minutes), including indoor turbo/gym interval sessions, spinning classes and short competitions in extreme heat, hydrating with TORQ Hypotonic will deliver superior performance over any other fueling/hydration method.  Needless to say, the TORQ Hypotonic hydration & electrolyte mix delivers a clean, quenching, and delicious REAL taste. Nothing artificial, ever. 


TORQ Hypotonic is sold in a handy plastic screw-top container, which holds 6 X 18g hypotonic sachets/sticks. Each stick mixes with water to make a 500ml drink, and is specifically aimed at optimizing hydration where events/sessions are no more than an hour long, and heavy sweat loss is anticipated.