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TORQ Equipment


  • TORQ Single Measure Canister

    TORQ Single Measure Canister

    Holds the perfect amount of powder for 750ml energy drink Extruded from a single pellet of aluminum Embossed screw top Internally lacquered Very robust TORQ’s legendary ‘Single Measure’ canister allows you to carry the perfect...

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  • TORQ Strap

    TORQ Strap

    The TORQ Strap has been designed to secure your TORQ energy or TORQ recovery 1.5Kg pouch so that it can be transported anywhere without risk of spillage.The zip seals on the pouches are good for keeping moisture out of the product and for general...

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  • TORQ Travel Canister

    TORQ Travel Canister

    Robust and stylish internally lacquered canister extruded from a single pellet of aluminum providing the perfect receptacle for TORQ’s Energy and Recovery powders. Holds 500g to 800g of TORQ Energy/Recovery powder Extruded from a single pellet of...

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