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  • PRIMAL socks. 'nuff said. Solid quality, solid snuggness, good looking!

Short cuff and 'just below calf' long cuffs available. Pick your look...

    TORQ Ultimate Performance Socks

    TORQ's high quality team socks are available in a full range of sizes and also in 2 designs (short and long cuff). TORQ Team Colors - Black front, Orange backing. Highly breathable, yet a solid feel throughout. The ankle feel will really standout - these...

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  • TORQ Recovery Mixer TORQ Recovery Mixer

    TORQ Recovery Mixer

    Our Recovery Mixer Bottle is an essential piece of kit for mixing your recovery drink. You will only have to purchase this once and it will aerate and mix your recovery formula effortlessly into a delightful smoothie… This bottle also features a...

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  • TORQ Summer (3 Season) Gloves TORQ Summer (3 Season) Gloves

    TORQ Summer (3 Season) Gloves

    Our full-fingered low bulk Summer gloves have a dynamic close fit for all-out performance. These bad boys are race-day ready, yet highly durable.  Designed for the rigors of mountain bike and gravel racing, these gloves are very breathable and...

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